Two $500 Scholarships Available

For Students Pursuing Studies in Forestry, Forest Products Manufacturing, Natural Resources or Environmental Sciences

If you are pursuing studies in Forestry, Forest Products Manufacturing, Natural Resources or Environmental Sciences – you may be eligible for a scholarship from the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society. Residents of Slave Lake, High Prairie, Wabasca and surrounding community are encouraged to apply.

Two scholarships of $500 each are available for the 2020-2021 academic year. The fields of study that will receive priority under the program are:

    • Certificate, Diploma, or Degree Programs in Forestry or Natural Resource Management or Environmental Sciences
    • Certificate or Degree programs in Wood Products Manufacturing
    • Certificate, Diploma, or Degree Programs in Technical Fields leading to a career in the forest products industry.

The Lesser Slave Lake Forest Education Society is dedicated to forest education and public awareness in the Lesser Slave Lake region and throughout Alberta.

Opportunity for Additional Student Funding

The Lesser Slave Forest Education Society is also a partner with the Bursary Partnership fund of the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC). As such, students may be eligible to receive matching funds under the NADC Bursary Partnership Program. This would double the award to $1,000. Your participation in the NADC Bursary Partnerships fund is optional and should be weighed in light of the following paragraph.

After you graduate, the NADC bursary requires you to live and work in northern Alberta. For every $500 in NADC funds, you commit to provide 1 month of return service in a profession related to field of studies with an employer of your choosing in northern Alberta. Recipients who do not meet this requirement must repay the bursary. Students must be entered in a full time post-secondary program to be eligible for NADC funding.

How to Apply:

To apply for the scholarship, click on the file below to download and print the application form. Complete, sign and mail the application to the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society.

For more information, please call (780) 849-8627 or e-mail

The completed application forms should be mailed to:

Lesser Slave Forest Education Society
ATTN: Cori Klassen
1201 Main St SE, Slave Lake, AB, T0G 2A3

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