Wildlife Discovery

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Wildlife Discovery

This was the first special event program developed through the partnership between the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society and the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation. The program was created by Patti Campsall.

The Wildlife Discovery Program is based on the Alberta Learning curriculum requirements for Kindergarten to Grade 3 Science. The goal of the program is to allow students to explore and learn about the tremendous variety of wildlife that can be found in our boreal forest. The program is based on the following learning objectives:

Students will be able to:

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    • List at least 5 types of wildlife that live in the boreal forest.
    • List the three basic needs of wildlife – food, water, shelter.
    • Explain at least three ways that wildlife survive the winter including migration, hibernation and special physical or behavioural adaptations.
    • Explain why birds have adapted different shaped beaks.
    • Classify wildlife into four categories based on their physical characteristics: mammals, birds, insects and amphibians.


Wildlife Discovery consists of five interactive, hands-on stations. Each station takes approximately 12 minutes to complete. The basic format for the Wildlife Discovery program is as follows:

Introduction and orientation to program
Station 1: Who am I?
Station 2: Wildlife Groupings
Station 3: Bird Beak Adaptations
Station 4: Wildlife Habitat Station
Station 5: Wildlife Winter Adaptations
Summary and Discussion: Time with the students.

For more information about the program or to make a booking please contact us.  You can also download a copy of our  invitational letter for the Wildlife Discovery.