Melvin the Moose Murder Mystery

Melvin the Moose Murder Mystery 

Master your nature detective skills and become a member of the FBI – the Forest Bureau of Investigation.

There has been a death in the forest and we do not know if it is foul play, accidental or death by natural causes. In order to solve this mystery, you are now deputies of the Forest Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It will be up to you to figure out what happened. Using your finely-honed detective skills, you will visit the crime scene, study all the evidence, interview the suspects and analyze forensic results from the crime lab. The Lesser Slave Forest Education Society and Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation need your help!

This on-line mystery allows kids to work their way through the clues, eliminate the suspects and figure out who killed Melvin! The mystery is in 5 parts (5 Google forms) and each part takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete. So, it is something that can be worked on over several sessions. The 5 parts include some embedded videos, (and youtube links if you want the video to be larger) weblinks, as well as a lot of images and information to help learn about the suspects.

Melvin the Moose Murder Mystery Files

Evidence Locker, Suspect Line-up and Suspect Summaries

These tools are essential for solving the mystery and can also be found throughout the mystery:

If you get stuck going answering the questions in the google forms, you can access the answer key anytime here.

Solve the case?

In the review and respond section, you will have an opportunity to upload a news article with your findings. The news article should contain information with details about the crime and who the murderer is. 

Check your Answer

After you have your answer you can watch the answer video here.


We hope you enjoyed the Melvin the Moose Murder Mystery!