Integrated Land Management

Please note- apps are currently unavailable for download

Click the items below to download:

To download the App that goes with this lesson kit, use one the following methods: 

Android Devices: For use on an android device (i.e. Samsung tablet) you need to go to your Google account, and access GooglePlay. Once in the App section search ILM Science Kit to download or click this link

Android Version 4.4 is the minimum supported operating system

Apple Devices:   For Apple devices such as iPads open the App Store on the device and search ILM Science Kit to download the free App. Your iPad should be running iOS 9 or later to adequately run the App without issues. Avoid using any iPad version inferior to iPad 4th generation as the performance of those older devices is not sufficient.

Windows or Other Platform: For use on a Windows or other platform (i.e. computer or Smartboard) you will need to download the science lesson by first downloading the free player at and then downloading the program at the link below.

The minimum operating system is Microsoft Windows 7 – 64bit is recommended. For MacOS, use Boot Camp or virtual machine software like Parallels to run the lesson