Board of Directors

The Board of the LSFES is committed to:

    • Coordination of forestry related educational and career initiatives while aiming at youth involvement.
    • Creating a greater public awareness of the importance and of the many dimensions of our forests in the Lesser Slave Lake Region.
    • Provision of bias-balanced information to the public and our youth on forestry related matters.
    • Continuing to support and fund forest and forestry education in the region.
    • Providing professional expertise and resources to maintain the society’s objectives. 

The Board of Directors for the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society (as of January, 2024) is comprised of:

  • PRESIDENT – Sherman Horsman
    Harvesting Superintendent – Tolko Industries
  • TREASURER – Gabriel Angelescu 
    Operations and Maintenance Coordinator-Slave Lake Pulp
  • VICE-PRESIDENT- Murray Chomokovski 
    Silviculture Forester- Slave Lake Veneer
  • DIRECTOR – Jed Begin
    General Manager – Slave Lake Veneer
  • DIRECTOR – Patti Campsall (Non-Voting)
    Executive Director – Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation
  • DIRECTOR – Taya Hayward
    Woodlands Supervisor- Tolko Industries 
  • DIRECTOR- Shawna Lund
    Wildfire Information Officer-Alberta Forestry and Parks
  • EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – Cori Klassen 
    Lesser Slave Forest Education Society
  • DIRECTOR – Lauren Ambrose
    HR Manager –  Vanderwell Contractors Ltd.
  • DIRECTOR – Leah Lovequist
    Area Information Coordinator – Alberta Forestry and Parks
  • DIRECTOR – Corinna Horsman
    Mentor Coach- High Prairie School Division
  • DIRECTOR – Angie White
    Chair, Trades and Resource Technology- Northern Lakes College
  • DIRECTOR – Nelson Lutz
    Public member 
  • DIRECTOR – Lyndsay Kohn
    Public member
    Lesser Slave Forest Education Society

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