Grade 6 forestry fieldtrip

The LSFES a non-profit organization committed to "forest focused environmental education". 

We offer curriculum related programs through hands-on field-trips and classroom presentations to schools and community groups.

Interested in learning more about who we are and what we do? Check out this short video

We have been busy this winter creating new education programs for the updated science curriclum. More information can be downloaded in our program brochure or our more detailed list of programs

Are you a teacher looking for resources for the new science curriculum? We created this dichotomous key for grade 4 students. You can download the pdf dichotomous key here

Visit our Education Pages for detailed lesson plans and more! 

Curriculum Based Programs

The LSFES offers a number of curriculum-based education programs through interactive fieldtrips and classroom presentations to schools and community groups. We also create programs specifically for teacher workshops or your individual class needs.

Scholarship Opportunities

Opportunity for Additional Student Funding- The Lesser Slave Forest Education Society is also a partner with the Bursary Partnership fund of the Northern Alberta Development Council (NADC). As such, students may be eligible to receive matching funds under the NADC.

Community Focused Programs

The Lesser Slave Forest Education Society (LSFES) offers a wide range of Community Focused programs. Throughout the year, the LSFES works to educate the public about the forest, forestry and other natural resources by providing workshops, summer day camps and more.

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